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Just started with Android programming. Working on a scoreboard for a card game for my 10 inch tablet. I'm not looking for screen set up for different sizes, but working with different screens(views) on the same device. My screen has 4 parts with each a number of views (textview, button):

In the left top is "part A". On the right of Part A is part B. Under part A is part C and right from part C is part D.

All parts are visible all the time. The views of part A,B,C remain the same, but part D should show sometimes 2gridview/textview and sometimes a textview and a button, depending on what button is pressed on part A.

How do I define this in XML and how to show the changed part D button/texview ? Do the definitions need to be in different XML files ?

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Maybe this might be a proper and clean solution for your needs:


You might find it very handy and dynamic once you learn it. (I learnt it in a few days by myself...)

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Thanks. I will have a look there first. –  user3077299 Dec 7 '13 at 14:10

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