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In my CakePHP project, I'd like to run unit-tests of my JavaScript codes for the views. I'm trying to use QUnit for testing JavaScript.

  1. Is CakePHP's testing framework capable of integrating JavaScript tests?
  2. Where should I put the test codes?
  3. Is there any example or information for that?
  4. Should I consider Selenium for this purpose?
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  1. It is a php framework, what makes you think you can test another language with that?
  2. I would not put them into webroot/js/test and disable access to that folder via .htaccess in the live environment
  4. Yes, because it sounds you want to test that the whole rendered page works. I'm not sure what you exactly want to test.
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lol at the grumpiness of answer number 1. – Guillemo Mansilla Dec 7 '13 at 16:09
The JavaScript codes are parts of the CakePHP project. I'd like to integrate all tests under a single framework, if possible. Mainly I want to test JavaScript functions rather than UIs. – mmrn Dec 8 '13 at 10:07

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