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I am currently using singleton instances to access and maintain various NSObject in the app. For instance, I have :

  • VariableStores, that maintain several objects such as currentUser (custom NSObject), lastLocation (CLLocation), etc.

  • TaskManager, containing a NSMutableArray of NSOperations that have failed in order to be re-executed later (such as Instagram with failed upload).

If I kill the app, singleton instances are destroyed and : - some data must be retrieved from the server side (for instance, the currentUser) which increase the length duration - some data cant be retrieved from the server-side, such as the NSOperation in the TaskManager (as they are only managed locally)

Thus, I would like to go further and maintain that kind of objects even if the app is totally killed.

What should I consider as a good practice? Serializing object into NSUserDefaults and deserialize ? Is there other best practices?

In case of serializion, serializing objects in -applicationWillTerminate delegate and deserializing them in appropriate -init methods of singleton (that are instantiated in the appDidFinishLaunching) can be considered as acceptable ?

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the idea of singleton pattern is just to transfer data between controllers without worrying about details ..

what you need to do is a persisting data of your App ..

you can use core data if you see that the data that you need to store is a little big for plists.. or you can use sqlite but that will give you a little pain for writing a lot of sql statements..

or you can use regular plist or nsUserDefaults (i don't like that option) but it's a little slow if the data is too much .. you can save this data when app go to background or terminated..

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Hi Mohamed, NSUserDefaults is quite slow but as it is only at the launch of the app, I think it can be tolerated. I have been with NSUserDefault finally and serialization to encode Custom objects and it looks like it works fine for the moment. Thanks for the feedback :) –  Romain Dorange Dec 8 '13 at 12:54
great feel free to promote my answer if you felt that it helped you :) –  Mohamed Emad Hegab Dec 9 '13 at 11:32

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