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I want to read descriptors surf type from database, and uses it to compare to images using surf method, the problem is how to convert descriptors from string to ndarray array

detector = cv2.SURF(400, 5, 5)
matcher = cv2.BFMatcher(cv2.NORM_L2)
kp1, desc1 = detector.detectAndCompute(img1, None)     
cursor.execute(" SELECT * FROM visage WHERE id=%s", 1)
row = cursor.fetchone()
desc2=numpy.array(descriptor, dtype = numpy.float32).reshape((1,1))
kp_pairs = match_images(kp1, desc1 , kp2, desc2) 

The error is:

pythonw -u "surf v2.py" Traceback (most recent call last): File "surf v2.py", line 138, in desc2=numpy.array(descriptor, dtype = numpy.float32).reshape((1,1)) ValueError: invalid literal for float(): [[ 1.55181286e-03 1.55181286e-03 -2.10662147e-05 ..., 1.82572391e-03 0.00000000e+00 0.00000000e+00] [ 7.83637588e-05 1.05563842e-03 3.83123639e-03 ..., 1.95306598e-03 0.0000000

Exit code: 1

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That kind of depends on how the strings look. Maybe the numpy.fromstring will work. Otherwise check how the string is created and use the inverse function.

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