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I have windows server 2012 installed on VM along with windows 8 to do DHCP lab. But the server cannot assign the ip address to windows 8. Here is I set up for my lab. I am using wireless for my lab. in the server powershell, I type ipconfig /all to see my

IPaddress and subnet mask and my default gateway,

which is IP address: So I went to network to set static ipadress the same as above . and the prefered DNS server is then I create scope in DHCP the start range is to and DNS server is ....so in the DHCP I can see my scope. I boot up windows 8 on my VM to see it works. I go back to server to refresh the address release but nothing happen ... In windows 8 , I command prompt the ipconfig /all , Ipaddress : , which is server address??? subnet mask: default gateway: and DNS server is Please help....I am trying to think where am I wrong ??? DNS ???? By the way, I am new to network..

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Since DHCP server is using broadcast method to release IP address, you might run into the situation where you have more than 1 DHCP server in your network. Run the IPCONFIG /ALL again to make sure you got the IP from the right DHCP server.

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