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I am creating a C# application in order to get the DOM info of a Web Page. I cannot extract a TBODY tag using my application. I am using

  • the control WebBrowser shipped by Visual Studio

  • a reference to the Com Microsoft.mshtml 7.0.3300.0

If I use the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar ) I can see all information I need.

The tag has id="tbody_id" and carries a list of tags full of data that are showed in attributes innertHTML and innertText.

Using the code below innertHtml and innertText are both null. What I am doing wrong? There are other controls that I can use

mshtml.IHTMLDocument3 domDoc = this.webBrowser.Document.DomDocument as mshtml.IHTMLDocument3;
mshtml.IHTMLElement element = domDoc.getElementById("tbody_id");
String innerHtml = element.innerHTML;
String innerText = element.innerText;
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I have been working on similar - the only thing you might try is to an implicit cast.

I am doing similar and have no trouble with getElementby

  IHTMLDocument3 currDocument3 = (IHTMLDocument3)webBrowser.Document.DomDocument; // Cast browser document
  IHTMLElement element = currDocument3.getElementById("f15188");

Hope this helps


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Hi Roger I tried this but it doesn't work for me. In my case element variable is not null but the innserText returned by it. After testing different things I found a great control for WebBrowsing free and really good. See the notes I wrote down and follow the links for major and more detailed sample code. I Thank you very much for your time AFG –  Abruzzo Forte e Gentile Jan 12 '10 at 21:57
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For all interested I finally solved this issue.

I simply switched from the WebBrowser control by Microsoft to csEXWB .

A nice column to see how does it work can be found here where I learnt the code to extract correctly the DOM information.

The control must be registered since ti seems to be a COM component (please read notes on the web site and in the column).

  1. Place a cEXWB in your Form like and you will have a web browser control in your app.

    // your object somewhere
    public csExWB.cEXWB cEXWB1;
  2. Go to the web site you want

    cEXWB1.Navigate( "http://stackoverflow.com" )
  3. Once loaded get the DOM and each element you want

    IHTMLDocument3 domDoc = cEXWB1.WebbrowserObject.Document as mshtml.IHTMLDocument3;
    IHTMLElement element = domDoc.getElementById("my_id");
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