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I had a question about how I can use gaussianHMM in the scikit-learn package to train on several different observation sequences all at once. The example here :http://scikit-learn.org/stable/auto_examples/applications/plot_hmm_stock_analysis.html#example-applications-plot-hmm-stock-analysis-py

shows EM converging on 1 long observation sequence. But in many scenarios, we want to break up the observations (like training on set of sentences) with each observation sequence having a START and END state. That is, I would like to globally train on multiple observation sequences. How can one accomplish this when using GuassianHMM? Is there a example to look at?

Thanks in advance

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In attached example you do


which is training on a singleton of observations, if you have multiple ones, for example X1,X2,X3 you can run


in general for HMM implementation in scikit-learn you give it a sequence of observations S

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