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I am using the node.js mqtt library to connect a internet mqtt service

var name = '/#';
var mqttclient = mqtt.createClient(1883, service.getHost(),{username:"" ,password: service.getKey() });
mqttclient.on('connect', function onConnect(){'MQTT Connected'.green, '/'+service.getPattern()+name);
   mqttclient.on('message', handleMessage);

 mqttclient.on('disconnect', onConnect);
 mqttclient.on('close', onClose);
 mqttclient.on('error', onError);

 function onDisconnect(packet){'MQTT MONITOR disconnect!'+packet);            

 function onClose(packet){'MQTT MONITOR close!'+packet); 

 function onError(err){
        winston.error('MQTT MONITORerror!'+err);        

when my internet connection disconnects or authentication username/password are wrong, mqtt library will emit the close event, as long as mqtt.end(), this event will be continuously triggered.

2013-12-07T18:36:53.835Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:36:54.835Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:36:55.832Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:36:56.833Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:36:57.831Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:36:58.847Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:36:59.842Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:37:00.833Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:37:01.832Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false
2013-12-07T18:37:02.847Z - info: MQTT MONITOR close!false

it seems to me the mqtt close callback can't tell me what kind of error is happening, such as authentication error or host can't reach error.

Moreover, I assume there is a reconnect strategy. how can I control this reconnect strategy in mqtt code?

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Just as a side note, topics do not need to start with '/'. In fact it adds a extra level to the topic tree that is not needed. Subscribing to '/#' is different to '#' – hardillb Jul 25 '14 at 13:47

Look at your broker log to see clues for this behaviour.

In MQTT protocol keepalive value defines the rate to send a ping message to the broker.

Also use different clientid when connecting various clients to the same broker.

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