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I need your help in writing a script(ubuntu-bash). suppose i have a folder in a certain name and i want to copy all the files in the folder to a sub-folder that starts with the first letter of the file. for instance, a file named alaska will be copied to folder "A", the file named colorado will be cppied to folder "C" and so on. of course it will include files with lowercase and uppercase letters and a folder with one uppercase letter.


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Hi and welcome to SO. Please review the FAQ. We try to answer specific programming questions and this is a bit too broad and doesn't contain enough information to give a specific answer. –  span Dec 7 '13 at 22:52

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I hope you can build on this example:

for f in file1 file2; do
    dir=$(echo ${f:0:1} | tr a-z A-Z)
    mkdir -p $dir
    cp -v "$f" $dir
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