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Could someone help me figure out how to do this.

I have a game where a player can use potions to enhance their abilities.

This is on a timer which works fine. However Im now looking to add to this query when the player uses 2 different type of potions. I can get it to work but not 100% how I wish.

Player uses potion 1 and their stats are boosted by 20% for 20minutes. Player then uses potion 2 and their stats are boosted by 60% for 20minutes.

With my code at the moment

$check = sprintf("SELECT time,strmod FROM `effects` WHERE `userid` = %u", $userid);

$exe = mysql_query($check);

while($bonus = mysql_fetch_array($exe))

$last = $bonus['time'];


It will display the users bonus (base strength in this example is 2,364,195)

Potion 1 boost your base strength to 2837034 (+20%) Potion 2 boost your base strength to 3782712 (+60%)

Is there a solution where I can get the second 60% potion to take into account the bonus received from the 1st potion. So 60% of 2837034 rather than 2364195. Before I consider recoding the whole thing :D

I hope thats clear bit hard to explain.


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2 Answers 2

I presume the database table contains the list of potions in effect. Try something which keeps the value over the while loop...

$multiplier = 1;
while($bonus = mysql_fetch_array($exe))
    $last = $bonus['time'];
    $multiplier += $strmod/100; // convert from percent to decimal

$currStrength = $multiplier*$baseStrength;
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Did the job spot on thanks! – anadin Jan 12 '10 at 8:52

Probably not the way your doing it, since your not recording the original players HP, you just have the current (after modifiers have been applied) HP.

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