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I've tried many different ways of accessing the name of an attribute, but just can't get it working.

The current Function:

protected function applyProperties(_axml:XML):void
    var list:XMLList = _axml.properties;
    var list2:XMLList = list.attributes();

    for (var i = 0; i < list2.length(); i++) {

The XML it's referring to:

<content type="media">
<properties x="20" mouseEnabled="$false"></properties>

I have tried the name, I've tried searching it as an Object, I looked for solutions on stackoverflow.. nothing has worked for me so far. Originally I had the properties node as such: fearing that Flash was interpretting incorrectly.

edit: It seems like the XML was interpretted rather than printed out..

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list2[i] would be an XML object.

XML objects do not have nodeName, thats a XMLNode object.


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I needed this for a project of mine, and this piece of code worked as a charm:

for (var u:uint=0; u<myXMLList[i].attributes().length(); u++){
               LevelOne::DataXML.questionset..q[i].@[myXMLList[i].attributes()[u].name().toString()] = myXMLList[i].attributes()[u];
               LevelTwo::DataXML.questionset..q[i].@[myXMLList[i].attributes()[u].name().toString()] = myXMLList[i].attributes()[u];
               LevelThree::DataXML.questionset..q[i].@[myXMLList[i].attributes()[u].name().toString()] = myXMLList[i].attributes()[u];

Thanks WORMSS!

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