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I imagine this is a basic question, but I am having trouble rendering a partial that I have rendered before. Here is what I am looking at currently, and I apologize for such a basic question: my Ajax request:

              url: "/result/"+choice1+"/"+choice2+"/"+choice3,
              type: "GET",
              dataType: "script",
              data: { choice1: choice1,
                      choice2: choice2,
                      choice3: choice3 }


which works as it fires off: Processing by WelcomeController#algorthim as JS, with correct parameters. Then it goes to that route,

 respond_to do |format|
    @result=result(@data,d, a)
    format.js {} 

goes to algorthim.js.erb which is this file

(".output").append("<%= j render(:partial=> 'ranks', :locals=> { result: @result }) %>");

and then generates this partial:

<%= @result.inspect%>
<p> test </p>

which should be outputed here:

<div class='output'>
                <%= render "ranks" %>

and is as seen by the console: Rendered welcome/_ranks.html.erb (0.4ms) Rendered welcome/algorthim.js.erb (1.8ms)

but I result in this:

<div class='output'>
<p> test </p>

I have tried also format.js{@result=@result} and format.js{render(:partial=> 'ranks', :locals=> { result: @result })} with no luck.

I was wondering if someone could help me!:)

Thank you and once again I apologize for the novice question.

@data is:

[#<Event id: 2563, name: "Go from Introvert to Extrovert by Socializing with ...", price: "Free", location: "1 Dundas St E", category: "Comedy/Hang Out", feeling: "None", time: "07:00 PM", created_at: "2013-12-07 04:12:26", updated_at: "2013-12-07 04:12:26", latitude: 43.3124212, longitude: -79.91762829999999>, #<Event id: 2690, name: "Yuk Yuk's", price: "Price not listed", location: "224 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada", category: "Comedy", feeling: "None", time: "Time not listed", created_at: "2013-12-07 04:12:56", updated_at: "2013-12-07 04:17:34", latitude: 43.6498097, longitude: -79.3883142>]

d is: ["43.6426, 79.3871"] a is: "Comedy"

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Could you also post what @data, d and a are and the definition of result method? –  vee Dec 8 '13 at 0:44
Result does return a value, which I have checked with debugger. I posted above d and a and @data. Result does get fired as I checked with debugger, and changes based on input. –  Rakso Zrobin Dec 8 '13 at 0:59
If result doesn't return a value then @result will be nil. You need to return a value from result() so that @result will not be nil. –  vee Dec 8 '13 at 1:01
Result does return a value. For example it returns: [{"Friday Night Live @ ROM"=>94.16402889814924}, {"Jazz Wednesdays "=>88.43687123067886}, {"Classic Rock Fridays "=>85.98462836776537}]. The problem is not that result is nil, because it is never nil. THere is a problem somewhere else. –  Rakso Zrobin Dec 8 '13 at 1:09
@vinodadhikary any advice? –  Rakso Zrobin Dec 8 '13 at 1:44

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The answer evidently was one of mistyping. on the (".output").append("<%= j render(:partial=> 'ranks', :locals=> { result: @result }) %>") I forgot the $, which caused the result never to show!. Alas, simple mistake.

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As the parameter name indicates,

(".output").append("<%= j render(:partial=> 'ranks', :locals=> { result: @result }) %>")

will pass locals to your partial. So instead of

<%= @result.inspect%>

you should have

<%= result.inspect%>
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Was just about to write the same thing - you're passing local variables, not global ones –  Rich Peck Dec 8 '13 at 12:07

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