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I have [("m","n"),("p","q"),("r","s")]. How can I convert it to [["m","n"],["p","q"],["r","s"]]?

Can anyone please help me? Thanks.

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map (\(x,y) -> [x,y]) [("m","n"),("p","q"),("r","s")]
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Using lens you can do this succinctly for arbitrary length homogenous tuples:

import Control.Lens

map (^..each) [("m","n"),("p","q"),("r","s")] -- [["m","n"],["p","q"],["r","s"]]
map (^..each) [(1, 2, 3)] -- [[1, 2, 3]]

Note though that the lens library is complex and rather beginner-unfriendly.

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List comprehension version:

[[x,y] | (x,y) <- [("m","n"),("p","q"),("r","s")]]
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