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What's the regex to change "write" to "fprintf" AND (the second comma) ","..."strlen"...")" to ""?

for example,

write(fd_global,"Currently inside of main after the arguments are parsed\n", strlen("Currently inside of main after the arguments are parsed\n"));


fprintf(fd_global, "Currently inside of main after the arguments are parsed\n");

I know "/write.*strlen" matches each line with "write"..."strlen" but that's it.

Thanks in advance!

MY ANSWER :%s/write(/fprintf(/gc | %s/,\s*strlen((.*))/)/gc

| for two separate search and replaces in same command \s* for uncertain amount of whitespace between the second and third parameters of write

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Your question is quite hard to understand -- try wrapping the code bits with the backtick ` to distinguish it from the text of your question. (Or read more about formatting) – brandonscript Dec 8 '13 at 7:05

This is what I would do:

%s/\v^write\((.*), strlen.*/fprintf(\1);/g
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Here's a suggestion, for an expression which will replace strlen only when it occurs inside write and calls on the same string as you've written it here:

%s/write(\([^,]*\),\("[^"]*"\), strlen(\2))/fprintf(\1, \2)/gc
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