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I'm using logcat for monitoring my android projects in a custom way. I export my data,errors,method info and many other options.
I prefer to not to use Log defaults like Lod.d or Log.e or etc.
Is it possible to have my own custome logs for example Log.myLog with a new color in Logcat?
I prefer my logs do not interfere with android logs. I've searched a lot but can't find anything about this purpose:

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I can recommend you a good one:


  • Log syntax similar with popular log4j framework
  • Automatically added TAG with log message
  • Derive TAG from the package name
  • Can disable logging by simply calling Logger.disableLogging(true) method preferably from the class extends Application.
  • Fully Qualified Class name or SimpleClassName will logged as prefix with log message
  • Variable Arguments (more than 2) can be passed for printing unlike log4j framework
  • Very lightweight, < 5KB library size!

I do use it in my every android application.

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some time ago i wrote an eclipse plugin that modifies android.util.Log.* calls so that when you have in your code:

Log.d(TAG, "********** this is line 49 in onCreate method");
android.util.Log.d(TAG, "********** this is line 50 in onCreate method");

you will see in the LogCat:

D/Test    (  306): onCreate:49, ********** this is line 49 in onCreate method
D/Test    (  306): onCreate:50, ********** this is line 50 in onCreate method

the plugin sources are here:

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Maybe you should try to establish its own tag for its log? You can then easily filter logs without having to allocate a different color.

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