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I'm using C# .NET and I have a Windows Form with a DateTimePicker.
My question is: who can I display on the form the hours and the minuts (to choose) along with the year, mounth and day?

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Check out the CustomFormat property: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.datetimepicker.customformat.aspx

It allows you to set the format however you'd like. Also, to make it apply, you'll have to set the DatetimePicker.Format to Custom.

EDIT: If you provide a better idea/example of the format you want displayed, I can help with the actual format string.

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See here for all DateTimePicker properties:


The Format property will let you set a format string to include hours, minutes, seconds.


Here are predefined formats:


As the other poster mentioned, you can set your own format in the CustomFormat property.

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Set the Format property to DateTimePickerFormat.Custom and set the CustomFormat property to a format that includes the time.

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