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i developed a simple uiapplication on 4.2.1 with a screen...if i compile it using 4.2.1 and run on 9500 simulator it goes to compatibility mode...i don't want this so this is what i tried.....edited the jad file added

RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode: false

RIM-TouchCompatibilityMode-UserChangeable: true

added the jad file to the project and compiled to create a new cod file... cleaned the 4.7 (9500) simulator ...then loaded the application to simulator File -> Load java program - > helloworld.cod

then ran the program...still compatibility mode....what am i doing wrong here...please let me know..

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When you load an app into the simulator it just loads the bytes from the COD file and does not look at the JAD - so it doesn't see the configuration in the JAD. A couple of ways around this would be:

  1. Put your JAD/COD files on a webserver and install it from the simulator's browser, or
  2. Create a build with the 4.7 or higher JDE
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Another way that i found for simulating OTA is by simulating SD card...copying the jad and cod files on the SD card then installing the app by running the jad file...it works...

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