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I'm using version 0.3.7 of Android Studio, and I'm trying out OpenGL ES programming. This requires a lot of imports from such classes as "android.opengl.GLES20"

Instead of auto importing GLES20 and accessing for example, the GL_COMPILE_STATUS variable like so:

glGetShaderiv(shaderObjectID, GLES20.GL_COMPILE_STATUS, compileStatus, 0);

I'd rather type in GL_COMPILE_STATUS and have it auto import the following:

import static android.opengl.GLES20.GL_COMPILE_STATUS;
glGetShaderiv(shaderObjectID, GL_COMPILE_STATUS, compileStatus, 0);

And have the above import found as I type in GL_COMPILE_STATUS.

But the current system will not know that GL_COMPILE_STATUS comes from the GLES20 class. So my question is this, is there a way to assist the organize imports functionality in Android Studio for finding these variable? I'd like to keep my code to a minimum, and having to write GLES20. in front of everything is a little off putting - and I won't use a wildcard import as I consider that bad practice.

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The answers of this post will help you.

  1. set the packages you want import in Settings -> Code Style -> Java -> Imports
  2. press ctrl+space two times and then alt + enter to import it statically without full qualifier.
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can you help me on this… – LOG_TAG Jun 17 at 10:07

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