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I am testing some python code and when I`m running nosetests with the file specified, Everything is good, but when I want to run everything in the folder, some of the tests (most) fail.

I am using mock, unittest and nose with python 2.7

Thank you

for example:

AssertionError: Expected call: mock('fake/path')
Not called

on this test

def test_vm_exists(self):
    fake_path = 'fake/path'
    os.path.exists = mock.MagicMock()
    os.path.exists.return_value = True

    response = self._VixConnection.vm_exists(fake_path)

    self.assertEqual(response, True)

this is the repo: https://github.com/trobert2/nova-vix-driver/tree/unittests/vix/tests

Sorry if it wasn't descriptive enough.

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Welcome to stackoverflow. Can you show some code? what fails, which exception,... Please improve your question. –  slfan Dec 8 '13 at 10:38
I did an edit. Thank you for your input –  trobert2 Dec 8 '13 at 11:39
Thank you so much! Patching solves everything. When I used MagicMock I thought it will only work in the scope of the test. I was wrong, thank you. –  trobert2 Dec 11 '13 at 14:51

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You're not actually mocking os.path.exists as used by the actual code. Try the following:

def test_vm_exists(self, mock_exists):
    mock_exists.return_value = True
    fake_path = 'fake/path'

    response = self._VixConnection.vm_exists(fake_path)

    self.assertEqual(response, True)
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