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How added my-custom.css file in app.json or bootstrao.json files app,json

    "name": "My App",
    "requires": [
    "id": "166372b1-e416-4921-8ef2-2495765b9d76"


 * This file is generated by Sencha Cmd and should NOT be edited. It is a 
 * combination of content from app.json, and all required package's package.json
 * files.  Customizations should be placed in app.json.
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can you re-phrase your question? –  code4jhon Dec 8 '13 at 16:31

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I think you're asking about adding CSS files to your application's app.json file. Basically, you need to add the following section to app.json then run sencha app build (which will update bootstrap.json for you).

"css": [
        "path": "resources/css/my-styles.css"

However, a project initialized with Sencha Cmd would've had this section with helpful comments. Take a few minutes to become more familiar with Sencha Cmd and how you can use that to manage your project's files and build process:!/guide/command_app_ext42

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