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I'm trying to implement a report engine using WKHTMLTOPDF and I'm having trouble aligning the content with paper edges.

Consider I'm setting the paper size to A4 and print margins to zero like this:

wkhtmltopdf-amd64 --load-error-handling ignore --orientation Portrait --page-size A4 --margin-top 0 --margin-bottom 0 --margin-left 0 --margin-right 0

Now I would like to make a report in which the content is not cut off by paper edges. e.g. my content is consisted of tables and cells and I don't want a cell to be splitted into two pages. CSS2 has a feature specifically for this, page-break-inside:avoid, but I know no browser that supports it, and webkit is no exception.

Then I thought if I knew how long actually is an A4 paper in WKHTMLTOPDF then I can write some Javascript to align rows by resizing them. Since there was no mean to tell the actual millimeters within CSS to fill an A4 paper completely, I had no choice but to use error and trial. Finally I managed to tune the css height (height: 290.245261mm) so the page content fills up an A4 paper vertically. This height is set for a DIV with absolute positioning and top and left set to zero. All the effective paddings and margins are also set to zero (HTML, BODY, ...).

All was fine until I realized the severity of situation when number of pages grows. So I put ten of full-page DIVs within my HTML and to my surprise it printed 11 pages. With one tiny row of pixels at the beginning of the 11th page.

So, here's my question: Has anyone come up with a solution to align HTML content with paper edges when converting an HTML using WKHTMLTOPDF? And I'm using WKHTMLTOPDF 0.11.0 rc1.

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