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Recently, I am working on creating LXC Ubuntu template. I work like that,

Firstly, I boot a Ubuntu 12.04 in my KVM host.

Secondly, I create a temporary file (/tmp/exclude) on the newly installed system:








Thirdly, I run command:

tar --numeric-owner -czvf /tmp/ubuntu12.04-x86_64-image.tgz -X /tmp/exclude /

Then I get a tarball tarball ubuntu12.04-x86_64-image.tgz. I think this tarball can be my LXC template, so I try to use it to boot my lxc-vm. However, it doesn't work!

Is there any steps I have missed?Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? I just want to make a lxc template and use it to boot a VM. Thanks!

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