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I am going through a mason file. onClick some javascript function is called. and the values are passed as

jsFunction(this, $('<%$var1%>'), <%$var2%>)

Why is there a difference in the way these values are passed?

Also if I want to pass these values by reference to javascript function, how do I go about it? I tried both the ways

  1. jsFun($('<%$var1%>'), $('<%$var2%>'))
  2. jsFun(<%$var1%>, <%$var2%>)

but none of them is pass by reference. This is a mason file with perl embedded in it.

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Perl and JavaScript can't interact by reference. They simply don't share memory. And, in typical web development, they won't even run on the same physical machine (client vs. server). They have to interact by value, having each write in a format the other will understand. Also, $ is a valid variable name in JavaScript, typically used as a library function (e.g. as an alias of jQuery()). –  Jonathan Lonowski Dec 8 '13 at 13:54

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