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String test = "a,b|c,d|e,f";

How do I split the string test using .split method to make it become

arrayList.get(0); // ans is a
arrayList.get(1); // ans is c
arrayList.get(2); // ans is e

arrayList1.get(0); // ans is b
arrayList1.get(1); // ans is d
arrayList1.get(2); // ans is f
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what have you tried? Try to find the pattern of how they are distributed on the two lists... its not that hard – Blub Dec 8 '13 at 16:23
i have splited them into (a,b) (c,d) (e,f) – user2511316 Dec 8 '13 at 16:28
yes and now you just need to split them again and distribute them onto the two lists ;) – Blub Dec 8 '13 at 16:29

You can use

for(String pair : text.split("[|]")) {
    String[] parts = pair.split(",", 2);
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Try out this:

String s[] = "a,b|c,d|e,f".split("[,\\|]");

this way the even index(0, 2, 4) will contain a, c, d and odd index(1, 3, 5) will contain b, d, f. Now create two ArrayList and add them accordingly.

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You can use \\W for any non-word character splitting

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You may try lik ethis:

String str[] = "a,b|c,d|e,f".split("[,\\|]");
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Do this:


to have



Then you can split each string with split(","); to have


Now put the first element of a1, a2, a3 in arrayList and the second in arrayList1 .

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