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I am trying to develop a C# application that can communicate with a USB HID. I have overriden my WndProc method so that is catches all of the WM_DEVICECHANGE events and passes the DeviceChange method to a method OnDeviceChange (this code is actually borrowed from Jan Axelson) which looks like this....

protected override void WndProc( ref Message m ) 
        //  The OnDeviceChange routine processes WM_DEVICECHANGE messages.

        if ( m.Msg == DeviceManagement.WM_DEVICECHANGE ) 
            OnDeviceChange( m ); 

        //  Let the base form process the message.

        base.WndProc( ref m );                 
    catch ( Exception ex ) 
        DisplayException( this.Name, ex ); 
        throw ; 

For some reason though, everytime I plug in a device, whether it be a mouse or a keyboard or the device I am developing, which are all HID's, the value of WParam is always 0x7;

I checked in DBT.h and the value of 0x0007 is ...

#define DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED            0x0007

 * lParam  = 0
 *      sent to ask if a config change is allowed

I don't just stop after the first message comes in either I look at all messages and for every one the value is always 0x0007. Why am I never seeing the DeviceAttached or DeviceRemoved events?

Anyone with some USB experience have any ideas?

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You need to register your device in order to receive attached and removed. See RegisterDeviceNotification. Here is a great example to get you going.

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In a debugging session Visual Studio can omit messages.

I couldnt understand why both DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL and DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE were missed. Just unset breakpoint on line if ( m.Msg == DeviceManagement.WM_DEVICECHANGE ).

I have answered because post wasnt closed.

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