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Hi, I'm a young programmer and while starting my first app, I'm having a pattern issue...

Before building a UI, I decided to build a 'Command Line' app. I have my (main.m) MainThread (Thread 1) always waiting for an Input, when it get one I start a background Thread (Thread 2) (IFParser.m) to parse my input. So far so good everything is working perfectly without a leak of memory !

To keep it simple, I have 2 inputs command possible:

Login 'username'
Logout 'username'

Typing 'login john' (Thread 1)

Parsing (Bg Thread 2)

Login 'john' to the server (Bg Thread 3).

Thread 2 release

So from here I have 2 threads: Thread 1 (Main) & Thread 3 (NetworkHandler)

So now I need to communicate from a Thread 2 to a Thread 3 to logout...

My idea was to use NSNotification,

Observe Notification 'Logout-username' from Thread 3

Send Notification 'Logout-username' from Thread 2

Thread 2 is release.

Thread 3 got notify, and stop here

Thread 3 is release.

Thread 3 implement NSStream and is handling his self, creating thread for parsing, reading, writing msg then releasing them.

I know my way of doing it is wrong, It's hard to check if i'm already logged with an user, and I can't send a notification to all my Threads.

I'm coding in Objective-c, I don't want to use Block or GCD directly if you give me a solution I think it should use NSOperation or NSThread.

So how should I do it ? don't forget I'm creating a thread that use NSStream to connect to a server and 'chat' with it until I logout and stop this thread.

Thanks a lot for helping me ! My head is about to explose, I'm searching and trying since 2 days ago...

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