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I have scrapy and scrapyd installed on a debian machine. I log in to this server using a ssh-tunnel. I then start scrapyd by going: scrapyd

Scrapyd starts up fine and I then open up another ssh-tunnel to the server and schedule my spider with: curl localhost:6800/schedule.json -d project=myproject -d spider=myspider

The spider runs nicely and everything is fine.

The problem is that scrapyd stops running when I quit the session where I started up scrapyd. This prevents me from using cron to schdedule spiders with scrapyd since scrapyd isn't running when the cronjob is launched.

My simple question is: How do I keep scrapyd running so that it doesn't shut down when I quit the ssh session.

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Run it in a screen session:

$ screen
$ scrapyd

# hit ctrl-a, then d to detach from that screen

$ screen -r # to re-attach to your scrapyd process
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scrapyd is designed to run as a daemon. Screen is not appropriate solution. –  Frederic Bazin Apr 1 '14 at 12:20

How about ? $ sudo service scrapyd start

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