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I have an SSRS 2008 report with a sub-report that takes a selected value as a parameter. For example, I have a report that takes in @ProjectID and then selects ClientID. If I pass [ClientID] as a parameter to the sub report I get an error the first time I load the report. However, subsequent loads (clicking refresh) all work fine. I do not have this problem if I pass the parameter directly to the sub-report, ie [@ProjectID].

Is SSRS passing along parameters before the select is issued so it's only working when it caches the values upon refreshing? Is there any way I can fix this without forcing all sub-reports to take in [@ProjectID]?

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I figured this out. It did indeed appear to be an error with trying to populate the parameters before the query was run. I solved this by placing the sub-reports in a table which appears to delay rendering until the query has completed.

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Thank you... this saved me 5 years later. I have a subreport with no dataset for formating purpose and it seems as if it rendered too fast. Adding a dataset with a simple dummy query "select 'dummy' as dummy" in my subreport did the trick. – Josh Alvo Oct 23 '15 at 12:44

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