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I've seen this combination (CTRL+M CTRL+V) used to create Views for ASP .Net MVC with Visual Studio, but it doesn't work on my computer. So I was wondering where does it come from and how to make it work?

Solution: Apparently MVC was not registered within Visual Studio, so I had to reinstall it. The shortcut is added by MVC.

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You have to be inside of a controller action method (as in - cursor has to be placed in a method) for the shortcut to work.

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Yep, still doesn't work. – Egor Pavlikhin Jan 12 '10 at 1:06
what version of VS and MVC? – Marek Karbarz Jan 12 '10 at 1:06
VS 2008 SP1. Is there an extension for MVC? I don't think I have it installed. – Egor Pavlikhin Jan 12 '10 at 1:24
I'm assuming you have MVC framework installed (RC2 being the latest I think -…) - if so that's all you need to install - there are no special extensions beyond that that I'm aware of. – Marek Karbarz Jan 12 '10 at 1:34
I've just reinstalled MVC 1 and there is not even an MVC project type in Visual Studio. – Egor Pavlikhin Jan 12 '10 at 1:40

CTRL+M did not work for me as well on a new computer, the problem was Bing bar which was automatically installed. The only solution is to uninstall the bar! Disabling the bar has no effect.

Also look here: Ctrl+M stopped working

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