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This seems rather obvious, but i can't seem to figure out how do i convert an index of data frame to a column?

For example:

           gi  ptt_loc
 0  384444683      593  
 1  384444684      594 
 2  384444686      596  


    index1       gi    ptt_loc
 0  0     384444683      593  
 1  1     384444684      594 
 2  2     384444686      596  

Thank you

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df['index1'] = df.index

or, .reset_index:

df.reset_index(level=0, inplace=True)
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keep in mind that you have to do this n times for every index you have (e.g. if you have two indices, then you have to do it twice) –  pipo17171 May 19 at 0:13

For MultiIndex you can extract its subindex using

df['si_name'] = R.index.get_level_values('si_name') 

where si_name is the name of the subindex.

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