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Short question.

Why is

$ git aws.push

not updating modified static files? the

"django-admin.py collectstatic --noinput"

command only works for new files and the initial deployment.

is this normal behaviour?

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django-admin.py collectstatic --noinput should work for everything. Can you elaborate on the process you're using for pushing to AWS, and what library you're using to push to S3? –  Thomas Dec 9 '13 at 4:47
@Thomas I push to AWS via command line 'git aws.push'. libraries used are boto and django-storages –  eol Dec 9 '13 at 5:24
@Thomas as mentioned, all works fine for the first deployment, and any newly added static files. Yet if i modify an existing file, then push, this change is not reflected on S3 and I have to manually replace individual static files.. –  eol Dec 9 '13 at 5:26
django-storages will generally output the files it is copying/uploading in the terminal. Do you see the copy attempt but the file never makes it to s3, or does django-storages not even attempt to upload the file? –  Thomas Dec 9 '13 at 8:38
No, I've never had this problem before. Try filing a bug report here: github.com/jezdez/django-staticfiles/issues –  Thomas Dec 16 '13 at 0:57

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