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If I want to find in this file all instances of the words USER and PASS and then put the number of times they appear into the two variables respectively, how would I go about that? Thanks!

open MYFILE, '<', 'source_file.txt' or die $!;
open OUTFILE, '>', 'Header.txt' or die $!;

$user = 0;
$pass = 0;

while (<MYFILE>) { 

    my @header = split (' ',$_);
    print OUTFILE "$linenum: @header\n\n";

    if (/USER/ig) {

    if (/PASS/ig) {

Above is the new code and it works. I set my variables equal to 0 and used the ++ incrementor on the variables. But I am still open to suggestions perhaps on expanding my regex's capabilities? (if that makes sense)

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You could increment a counter each time you see one of those strings? – Tim Pierce Dec 9 '13 at 4:10
wow so simple, yet so effective. Thanks so much, it worked! – user2288 Dec 9 '13 at 4:12
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You could simply do.

my $user = 0;
my $pass = 0;

while (<MYFILE>) { 
     my @header = split ' ', $_;
     print OUTFILE "$linenum: @header\n\n";

     $user++ if /user/ig;
     $pass++ if /pass/ig;
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