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I have created MyExample.uml file through Eclipse UML2 package. (I followed http://wiki.eclipse.org/MDT/UML2/Getting_Started_with_UML2 )

Then I got the XMI file defining UML components and relations.

Then, how can I draw a graphical UML diagram from this XMI automatically?


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Disclaimer: I haven't tested this so can't confirm it works. It is documented however.

  1. Install Papyrus.
  2. Follow these instructions to generate a diagram.

Like you I suspect, I assumed the standard Eclipse Modelling Tools would include graphical editors. If they do I didn't find them. By installing Papyrus I was able to create uml diagrams manually; hopefully you can generate one too.

If you try this, it would be good to know if it works. Again apologies for not testing before posting, I don't have access to a suitable environment at the moment.


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