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Using the Waf build system, you are given the ability to check for specific libraries. For instance, were I to build a project using OpenGL, I can write:

    features = 'c cprogram',
    lib      = 'opengl',
    uselib_store = 'GL'

and Waf will attempt to compile a minimal program using OpenGL to determine whether or not my system supports that library. On OS X, "Frameworks" are also supported. So, in 'gcc', i could do:

gcc -framework 'opengl' ...

to compile a program. In Waf, I can also do:

    features = 'c cprogram',
    source   = 'src/main.cpp',
    target   = 'helloWorld',
    framwork = 'opengl'

which compiles 100% fine. However, given an OSX system that has an OpenGL framework (framework in the OSX sense), but not a normal OpenGL library, the configuration will fail, because the "check" program cannot be compiled. I'm assuming I'm missing something relatively simple, but is there a way to check for a specific system framework in OSX using Waf? So far I have been unable to find one.

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