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does it cost cost effective ? how can i profile the Sql calls to the server?

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Here is something that might me helpful to you : Rico Marianais (5 parts) about Linq to SQL performance.

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I don't know what is big for you, but you are using a project running on LINQ to SQL right now, that's Stackoverflow.

Also you would find interesting looking at this performance benchmarks. This guy profiled LINQ to SQL using ANTS profiler, although I know that most profilers would work.

But I think what you are looking for is setting your DataContext.Log property to something like Console but with profiling added, if think you can extend Console and make your own query profiler.

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mmm , Stackoverflow is a big project for me,

i would like to know how Stackoverflow , uses the linq2sql datacontext lifetime

and how the caching is done ...

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Maybe you are looking for this question:… – Sam Oct 23 '08 at 12:58

Yes, its cost effective financially and in system resources. Less time to develop the data layer code and stored procs, and the queries are parameterized so they perform as well as stored procs.

Profile it with SQL Profiler, just like any other sql activity.

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