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I'm using socket.io on the server side (and client).

What I want to do is trigger an event on disconnect. But it doesn't seem to get picked up locally.

In the node server I have:

sock.on('chat:leave', function(user){
     //delete user from chat room list

sock.on('disconnect', function(){
    var user = sock.user;
    sock.emit('chat:leave', user);

This however is not working -- the disconnect is firing when I close the browser window, but the chat:leave emitted from the disconnect callback is not getting picked up by the sock.on('chat:leave') handler.

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I think you need to rewrite your code (AFAIK, what you're trying to do isn't possible):

var userLeft = function(user) {
  // delete user from chat room list
sock.on('chat:leave', userLeft);
sock.on('disconnect', function() {
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That's how I got it working. Just wondered if it would listen for local emissions. –  chovy Dec 9 '13 at 7:41

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