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I created one job for polling the Git Source code.

First time it should clone the repository, and after that if repository exist then it should only pull it.

See the following setting for job.

enter image description here

Problem: every time when i run this job it always clone's it rather then polling it.

I'm Checking on Fast remote polling, It says that repository should have only one branch. So for that i'm specifying the branch name.

What i'm missing here..?

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Hm I think this is the default behaviour. Note 'polling' =/= 'pulling' :-) –  Manuel Dec 9 '13 at 7:30
@Dratir Default behavior means? will it always clone. Let assume My git Repo size it 10GB or more and i want to run my job every in 30 mins then it will take more then hr to clone. I don't know if its a Default behavior. –  Sumit Singh Dec 9 '13 at 8:29

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There was a similar bug for Mercurial which pointed out to a credential issue.
So double-check the way your credentials are passed (either through the url or stored in a file, like a .netrc for hhtps)

The point is: fast polling should fetch/pull, not clone. See hudson.plugins.git.GitSCM#compareRemoteRevisionWithImpl().

            if (git.hasGitRepo()) {
                // Repo is there - do a fetch
                listener.getLogger().println("Fetching changes from the remote Git repositories");

                // Fetch updates
                for (RemoteConfig remoteRepository : paramRepos) {
                    fetchFrom(git, listener, remoteRepository);

                listener.getLogger().println("Polling for changes in");
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Note: changes are in the work for "force polling using workspace": github.com/jenkinsci/git-plugin/pull/181. That will have an influence on the "fast polling" feature. –  VonC Dec 9 '13 at 8:47

Make sure in slave git has latest version: See below for more details: enter image description here

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