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Keter has been awesome so far. For my little toy project, I used to create the keter bundle on the production server and push it keter's incoming directory and everything worked fine.

Now I wanted to learn how to setup a staging environment and so I tried compiling my bundle on staging server (it is an image copy of the production server). When I push this bundle to my production server (via scp), it logs out signed-in users. The app itself is fine after logging back in.

What has changed:

  • Some templating code has changed but nothing drastic and such changes were fine when compiled on the production server before
  • Yesod's settings.yml changed to use the staging server's IP address for development testing
  • Keter.yaml was not modified.

What am I doing wrong? Why does Keter care where my .keter bundle was created? Is there a way to create these bundles without disrupting signed-in users?


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Most likely, the issue is that a new client_session_key file is being created each time your app is being deployed. Instead, you need to generate a key file once and reuse it. This is generally handled correctly by the Yesod scaffolded site, but providing an implementation of makeSessionBackend that stores the key file in config.

What is your current implementation of makeSessionBackend? And do your keter bundles include a file config/client_session_key.aes?

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Wow you are incredible! I unpacked my Keter bundle (old and new) and I indeed see different content inside client_session_key.aes! I am using a scaffolded site and it has this code makeSessionBackend _ = fmap Just $ defaultClientSessionBackend (7 * 24 * 60 * 60) "config/client_session_key.aes". How should I change it? Is the default value somehow tied to the hostname that the production server consistently re-generated the same key? –  Ecognium Dec 9 '13 at 9:00
Never mind. Found the issue! I have the aes file in my .gitignore so it does not get pushed to the staging server. I will just manually copy it when I need to create the bundle. Thanks for pointing the issue out! –  Ecognium Dec 9 '13 at 9:11

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