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What am i doing :: my current expressjs program is used to rename the image location from temp to /public/images/ for a single image.

  • image key name is :: key
  • I have used :: var file_name=req.files.key.originalFilename;

  • Now if i have another image key name :: key1
  • I have to use key1 as:: var file_name=req.files.key1.originalFilename;

How can i rename both the images at the single route at a time so that both images be moved to /public/images/ from the tmp location


var express=require('express');
var fs=require('fs');
var http=require('http');
var crypto=require('crypto');

var app=express();






        var file_name=req.files.key.originalFilename;
        var file_name=req.files.key1.originalFilename;


        crypto.randomBytes(8, function(ex, buf) {

                var array     = req.files.key.originalFilename.split('.');
                var type      = array[array.length - 1];
                var name      = buf.toString('hex') + '.' + type;

                fs.rename(req.files.key.path, './public/images/' + name, function(e) {

                        if (e) {
                                res.send(500, e.message);
                                } else 
                                    res.send("I got the message - This i confirm");



        res.send("Image displayed");

        console.log('Express server listening on port'+app.get('port'));


According to to the way i describe how can i modify the expressjs code ?

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Explore node async. You could use async.parallel to achieve this. This will help you to rename both the images at the time.

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