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In Scala actors, we always learn that "react does not return". What exactly does this mean? What is the difference between a method that "does not return" and one that returns Unit.

I was under the impression that every method must eventually finish (and may or may not return anything). So what happens when react finishes?

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def react(...): Nothing = ...

You can't get an instance of Nothing. It means react will newer finishes correctly.

It will run forever or will throw an exception eventually.

println("You'll never get here!")

In case of Actor#react it just throws an exception.

Method loop catches this exception. For detailed explanation see Actors that Unify Threads and Events, Philipp Haller and Martin Odersky, Proc. COORDINATION 2007. You don't need this details to work with actors, you should just know that all the code after react is unreachable:

loop {
  <code before react>
  react {...}
  <unreachable code>
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