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I'm working on a TypeProvider that reads an XSD file and provides a type for each type defined in the XSD. However I have a problem in the below code

type schema = XmlProviders.Schema<"file.xsd">
type Bazzer = {
    Sum :

on the last line I get a compilation error saying that does not exist. The implementation of how I define the types are as follows

let defineType (xType : XElement) =
    let name = xType.Attribute(XName.Get "name").Value
    let t = ProvidedTypeDefinition(thisAssembly,
                                       baseType = Some typeof<obj>)

    let ctor = ProvidedConstructor(parameters = [ ], 
                                   InvokeCode= (fun args -> <@@ "" :> obj @@>))
    t.AddMember ctor

 do provider.DefineStaticParameters(parameters, fun tyName args ->

    let filename = args.[0] :?> string
    let main = ProvidedTypeDefinition(thisAssembly,ns,
                                       baseType = Some typeof<obj>)

    //Elements is a list of XElement
    elements |> defineType |> ignore

I know that a type is created because if I add an additional line to defineType provider.AddMember t then I get an error saying

The type provider 'XmlProviders.SampleTypeProvider' reported an error: container type for '' was already set to 'XmlProviders.Schema'

Where XmlProviders.Schema is the ProvidedTypeDefinition identified by provider

I'm a bit lost on why the compiler complains that the type is not there while if I explicitly add it I get the error that it's already there

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It looks like you are aware of the GitHub workitem already, but I'll add it here so as to make other people aware your efforts Support XSD in XmlProvider and just in case I cross link my related question (feel free to remove this if I'm too intruding) How to approach writing an F# type provider that enforces complex schema?. Let's see if I'm of help here (that is, I'm rather rookie with this). – Veksi Dec 10 '13 at 8:50
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Found the answer, so to those that end in the same situation

the line

let t = ProvidedTypeDefinition(thisAssembly,
                                   baseType = Some typeof<obj>)

where the nested type is defined should be without assembly and namespace

let t = ProvidedTypeDefinition(name,baseType = Some typeof<obj>)
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