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How can I add unique: true constraint to already existing index in Rails database?

I tried to migrate by

  def change
    add_index :editabilities, [:user_id, :list_id], unique: true

but migration fails with a error like this.

Index name 'index_editabilities_on_user_id_and_list_id' on table 'editabilities' already exists

I'm using rails4 and postgresql.

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Remove the old index and add it again with the new constraint:

def change
  remove_index :editabilities, [:user_id, :list_id]
  add_index :editabilities, [:user_id, :list_id], unique: true
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I had to do this in two migrations in order for schema.rb to be updated. –  trliner Jun 4 '14 at 23:26
schema.rb was updated fine for me on Rails 4.2.0. Possibly a bug that's now been resolved? Or maybe it's database dependent; I'm using Postgres. –  GeorgeMillo Jan 14 at 15:35

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