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I'm trying to do the mirror of the site, but instead it's downloading the error page saying:

Your browser does not support frames. We recommend upgrading your browser.


wget --mirror www.cseti.org

I've tried every possible options including:

wget --user-agent=Mozilla -e robots=off --content-disposition --mirror --convert-links -E -K -p www.cseti.org

but it doesn't help.

So how to force wget to support frames, so the page is downloaded correctly?


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Try this.

wget --mirror new.cseti.org


I think it's necessary to expand on this.

In the HTML code of www.cseti.org/index.html, there are two useful markup: a <frame> markup with src='new.cseti.org' and a <noframe> markup where you can see the error message you provided.

So the thing is when you use a browser with frame support, the browser will load the content according to the URL in the src attribute in frame markup. And since wget could not understand HTML, it won't follow the URL link , thus could not continue the download.

Now you can see, what I provide is a noob method. I manually follow the link and provided it to wget to continue the download.

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Thanks, do you know the reason why the main site refuses the mirror because of frames? In the browser, the source code looks fine, but when downloaded it's different. –  kenorb Dec 9 '13 at 11:10

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