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I'm trying to add common axes to a bunch of plots by putting them in the outer margin. Plots are drawn first in a loop (not in the example) then I wanted to draw axes on the bottom of the two rows of plots.

But drawing the axis outside the plotting region is only possible without mfg being changed. How can I enable out-of-plot-drawing after changing mfg?


#Some plots
plot(function(x)x^2,from=-1,to=2,  frame.plot=T,axes=F)
plot(function(x)x^3,from=-2,to=2,  frame.plot=T,axes=F)
plot(rnorm(10),  frame.plot=T,axes=F)
plot(1:10,       frame.plot=T,axes=F)
# axis on last drawn plot (mfg=c(2,2)) - works

# set mfg to same value (mfg=c(2,2))

# red axis is clipped to plot region, even with xpd?
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You can set :


to make sure that the axis is not clipped to the plotting region.

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Thank you! I tried this by specifying xpd=NA in axis() arguments, but that didn't work. Furthermore, xpd=NA has to be set before mfg is set, for some reason. –  akraf Dec 9 '13 at 11:56

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