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I've seen some conflicting information about connecting a device to an iPhone via Bluetooth. Basically, I've created an iPhone app that should communicate to a hardware device I've built with a bluetooth chip in it.

I've seen ExternalAccessory.framework is the way to do this, but do I need to participate in Apple's "Made for iPod" program in order to sell my hardware?

I've also heard that bluetooth on the iPod/iPhone is crippled for some reason - meaning I can't use bluetooth to transfer data to my hardware device. Is there any truth to this?

Any help is appreciated.

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No you can't communicate directly to the bluetooth chip. It requires IOKit.

However, you can send file via bluetooth to another iPod/iPhone via GameKit.

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so do i have to participate in Made for iPod? My guess is yes, because of the following link: developer.apple.com/iphone/program/sdk/accessories.html "Apps for iPhone and iPod touch can now communicate with accessories via the dock connector or wirelessly over Bluetooth." Could I use IOKit to get around participation in "Made for iPhone"? –  Johnny Tee Jan 12 '10 at 5:55
If you use GameKit, no. Also, you cannot use IOKit in AppStore apps. –  kennytm Jan 12 '10 at 6:05

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