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i would like to know how can i compile a number of header files by just one command using autotools in arch linux

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Header files are not for compilation. They do not (or should not) define an implementation.

For general automake help, I would suggest the Automake manual

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Generally you don't compile header files (.h), but instead the .c files.

If you just have some source code package that uses autotools and that you want to compile the usual command would be:

./configure && make

If you also want to install the package an your system, follow that up by make install.

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all my c files are linked to eack other if i make a change in one of the c files, while compilation gcc compiles all the c files linked to it, which consumes alot of time. So could u kindly tell me wat can i do bout it? –  jinal Jan 12 '10 at 6:15
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