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I am willing to devlop a anonymus chat website.The website pairs 2 random people who are logged into the website and then allows them to chat to each other.Now if any one of them gets disconnected then the other will get connected to any other person who is single.

Now i have some doubts regarding archicture. Each time there is a messages sent by any one the server recievies it and then forwards to other.Now to handle these meaases(both ways) i am willing to create a server in python. The server just forwards the message to appropriate person and handles pairing of users.

Now when the user connects for first time he must get a html page along with js.Then the actual paring and message forwarding shold be done by my python server.Python server will be written by me using twisted matrix framework.But how do i giv a webpage first to user and then handle messages by sever?

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Perhaps you may need to slim down on the details of your idea, and give us more specific details about what you want to do with Python and Twisted. –  nbolton Jan 12 '10 at 6:49
ok.I will do that –  user223541 Jan 12 '10 at 7:08

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Take a look at Nevow and Athena. These will let you serve web pages to clients and handle messages sent back from them.

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