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Im creating a livewallpaper wich i would like to have parallax effect. Not the common one, but with different layers. The idea is to have 4 layers. The background is fixed, and has the same size than the screen. The 2nd one would be a bit larger (width) than the background. And so the 3rd and 4rth. So when the user changes from one screen to another, the 4rth will move, 3rd also but a bit less, 2nd less, and the 1st will stay in place all the time. I want it to have a depth effect, doing it this way.

The problem is i have 60% done, but now i realized that i cant do it as i got it right now. I was creating layerdrawables for every layer. Each with its own rect. And every rect (layer width and height), as i explained above, its own size. But when i put it all on the canvas, all layerdrawables get the same size. So ill have to sort it in a different way.

Any idea on wich would be the best approach to do it?

Thanks in advance.

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