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Please help me to select the Selected Row ID from radiobutton field in MVC 4 WebGrid? I am not submitting the form, but pointing to HTTpGet action Method of the same view using a button.

Here is the View:

var grid = new WebGrid(ViewBag.inCompletePipelines, canPage: true, rowsPerPage: 10,
                            selectionFieldName: "selectedRow", ajaxUpdateContainerId: "inCompletePipelines");
                            <div id="gridinCompletePipelines" class="gridwidthLong">
                                    @grid.GetHtml(tableStyle: "webGrid",
                                    headerStyle: "header",
                                    alternatingRowStyle: "alt",
                                    selectedRowStyle: "select",

                                    columns: grid.Columns(                                                                            
                                    grid.Column("Name", " Pipeline Name"),
                                    grid.Column("Length", " Length"),
                                    grid.Column("ModifiedDate", "Modified Date"),
                                    grid.Column("ModifiedBy", "Modified By"),
            header: "Select", 
            format: @<text>@Html.RadioButtonFor(x => x.Id, (int)item.Id)</text>


@Html.ActionLink("New Pipeline", "pipelines_saved", "PipeLine", new { Id= grid.SelectedRowID ???????? }, new {@class = "roundedButton" }) 
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the web grid just renders as a table.… – Matt Bodily Dec 9 '13 at 14:41

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