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I need to render a controller in a template (principal.html.twig) with @Route and @Template annotations in order to create a form:

{{ render(controller('PprsBundle:Default:SupuestoConfig'), {'strategy': 'inline'}) }


 * @Route("/configsup", name="configsup")
 * @Template("PprsBundle:Default:SupuestoConfig.html.twig")
public function SupuestoConfigAction()

     ->add('number', 'text', array(
                    'constraints' => new Length(array(
                            'min' => 1,
                            'max' => 2,



configsup: resource: "@PprsBundle/Controller" type: annotation


<form id="configurador" action="{{ path('configsup') }}" method="POST">
    <p class="titulo_configurador">Elija supuesto penal:</p>
        {{ form_row(form.tipo) }}
    {{ form_row(form.numero, { 'label' : ' ', 'attr' : { 'class' : 'rec3' }}) }}
        {{ form_rest(form) }}

    <input id= "btTipoSupuesto" type="submit" value="Cargar" class="inputbt"/>

I'm having an unexpected behaviour when the constraint is activated (when I introduce a 4 digits number in "number" field) because it only renders the view SupuestoConfig.html.twig showing the constraint error (route /configsup) instead of the whole page (principal.html.twig). How can i make it work?

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Is there another solution? I've create two different embedded forms in the same view (principal.html.twig) and I don't think I should add all code in the same controller to avoid that behaviour because of the constraint error display in the form view. –  Jorge Antequera Dec 9 '13 at 14:05
From your SupuestoConfigAction you can forward the action to the "principal" action if the form is invalid so it renders the whole page not only the form. –  Michal Trojanowski Dec 9 '13 at 14:30
Thanks, It makes sense! I'm trying to redirect the page in case of invalid form, but doing this way I am not able to transfer validation form error to main page :( –  Jorge Antequera Dec 9 '13 at 15:00
That's why you should have a look at forwarding a controller instead of redirecting the user. –  Michal Trojanowski Dec 9 '13 at 15:36
$this->forward('PprsBundle:Default:principal', array('numero_supuesto' => $sesion->get('numero_supuesto'), )); works the same way like redirect(). It doesn't show form constraint errors. –  Jorge Antequera Dec 9 '13 at 16:35

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You are sending the form to the SupuestoConfigAction which renders only the form. You should send your form to the action where you render the form originally (where you use {{ render(controller('PprsBundle:Default:SupuestoConfig'), {'strategy': 'inline'}) }. Handle the form submission in that action and display the result.

So it's not a strange behaviour. It behaves exactly as you tell your program to.

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